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Stop Living In The Past

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

It’s unfortunate to see, but many people let their past hold them back from having a better future. They’re so tied up in things that have happened to them that they can’t allow anything better into their lives.

How many times have you hear people say things like: “Nobody will hire me because I’ve been arrested.” “I can’t trust men because I was raped.” “Poor people always stay poor.” “My life has always been bad and always will be.” statements like these are the kinds of things that hold people back and keep them from experiencing all the joy that life has to offer.

No matter what has happened to you in your past, it’s in the past, and it doesn’t have to color your future. Your past usually affects your present and future because you allow it to. You think about it, focus on it, use it as a reason for not moving forward. Your desire to hold on to the past is what keeps you from ever getting out of it.

“I’m not living in the past!” “It happened, I can’t let it go!” “You can’t just ignore the bad things that happen to you!” Yes, people tend to rail against the idea that their own thoughts and behavior are what’s holding them back. The simple truth is, you have to let the past go so you can move on. It happened, it was real, but it’s gone now, and every day is a new chance to make a better past.

Stop clinging to the hate, pain, tragedy and misfortunes that have already happened. Know that each day is a chance to make something better happen. Let go of the victim mentality and become strong enough to overcome and embrace the past so you can build a better future. There is nothing that you can’t move beyond if you truly want to. The trick is to stop making excuses and actually want to.

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