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Stop Blaming Others for Your Failure

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

Image: Public Domain, Clker

Our society has taught us to be very good at the blame game. We’re taught not to take personal responsibility for our flaws and failures, but instead to look around us and find someone to point a finger at. This is a way of living that we all need to work to change.

A lot of people are very resistant to the idea of not blaming others. We find it easy to look around and find someone to lay responsibility on when something goes wrong. Sometimes other people are circumstances are partly to blame, but it’s rare for there to be a time when we are entirely blameless for what’s happening to us.

We need to be able to look at ourselves and see what we did wrong in each situation that didn’t turn out how we wanted. It may not feel good to look at yourself and accept that you did something wrong, but it’s necessary. When all you do is blame others, you’re giving away your power. When you say that another person is causing the wrong in your life, you’re also implying that others are the only ones that can make it go right. You give them the power to decide the direction of your life.

When you accept your mistakes and learn from them, you take that power back. You learn that even though you did something wrong, you have the ability to do it right or do something else. You will know that you can learn and improve, and that you can change the state of your life.

In accepting your flaws and failures you also learn to let go of the victim mentality. When you play the blame game you’re making yourself out to be a victim of the desires, flaws and ideas of others. When you stop blaming everyone and everything else for what’s happening to you, you become a survivor, an achiever and a better person.

Try to become aware of instances where you’re blaming others for what’s going on in your life. Stop yourself, and think about what you’ve done to get yourself where you are. What can you learn? What can you change? What can you do differently? You’ll soon realize that the world isn’t holding you back nearly as much as you’re holding yourself back.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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