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Satanists Saved Me In High School

My dad made a comment on my article about my altar, and mentioned that he tried satanism at one point. It made me remember my own experience with Satanism in high school. Most people will think this is going to be a bad story, but it’s actually one of the

Not Enough Souls to Go Around

So, I was talking about the theories people have about why the world is going to Hades in a handbasket. There’s one that keeps coming back into my mind, but like I said, it is in direct conflict with one of my main spiritual beliefs. I really don’t know how

Who is Inaya? (Wisdom Bites)

If you’ve been reading the Wisdom Bites series you’ve noticed that every other entry has a quote attached. sometimes they’re just proverbs, others are famous quotes, some of them are my own quotes, and some are by Inaya. If you Google Inaya, the results aren’t going to be helpful. Why?

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