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All are One

Believe it or not I’m talking about religion, not humanity. Although I do think that humanity needs to unify as a species, I also think that more people need to realize some interesting facts about religion. When you really get down to the foundations, all religions teach the same things.

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What If Heaven Is What You Make It

I was watching something last night that reminded me of a concept that I’d encountered before but never given serious thought to: Heaven is what you make it. Basically, whatever you think the afterlife is going to be like, is what it will be like. So whether you believe in

Tibet God

Fashion Sense: What Would God Wear?

I have some really strange things run through my head from time to time, and one night I was chatting with someone over the idea of god’s fashion sense. Every faith has different depictions of their god(s) and they tend to have wardrobe suiting the people they’re appearing to. What

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I Have Issues With The Term God-fearing

I’ve heard plenty of people, usually Christians, refer to themselves as “God fearing”. I have a serious issue with that. Even though some claim that it simply means to have extreme reverence for God, it means a more than that, and it just doesn’t seem right to me. A lot

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I’ve Considered Starting My Own Religion

[Laughs] While I was writing that last post about the ethics of changing people I remembered that more than once I’ve actually given thought to starting my own religion. I’d be lying if I said that the Foamy Cult wasn’t part of my inspiration, but it’s more serious than that.

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