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My Altar, And How Altar Setups Can Be Different

People’s altars are an interesting thing. They vary by spiritual path, by tradition, and by person. No two are ever exactly alike. Some faiths expect a particular setup, some have room for personal expression. Some are minimal, others are packed with all sorts of things. I’m often interested in seeing

Tibet God

Spirituality And The Placebo Effect

I was just reading something from Wake Up World in my G+ news feed, and it got me to thinking. The graphic said “The placebo effect is scientific proof that we have the ability to heal ourselves. Our thoughts are powerful enough to bring things into existence – when will

Buddha Spirituality Meditate Religion - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

True Spirituality Isn’t Quick, Easy Or Pretty

I was just reading an article about “spiritually transmitted diseases” and it mentioned something that I had also seen on YouTube yesterday. It’s basically the concept that spirituality is quick, easy and pretty, and comes in a specific kind of package. Spiritual people don’t all look, act or speak the

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