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Spiritual Crafts: On A Budget Hand Made Magic Wands

Magic Wand Pagan Craft - © Briana Blair
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I was never really big on using wands, even back when I was Wiccan, but for some reason I did love making them. The people who bought them always said they had really good energy. I guess that’s what happens when you’re really joyful while doing spiritual crafts.

I like making wands out of wood, but there are other ways, and I’ll get to those in a bit. The top picture there is a pine wand that I made. I was in Maine when I made most of my wands, so pine was easy to access for free. I always thanked the tree for its limb, and the spirit of nature for allowing me to find one of its gifts.

I’ve always been a minimalist at heart, so my wands were quite simple. I’d take the branch and sand one end to get rid of the splinters, then use a knife to shape the point. Some people like crystal tips, and if you have one, you can just cut the tip end flat and glue or affix the crystal there.

Magic Wand Pagan Craft - © Briana Blair

The next step was wrapping. This is the part that I really loved. I’d take crochet cotton (I always have crochet cotton around) and leave one long end, then start wrapping those designs onto the branch. I let each branch kind of speak to me, and every one got a unique pattern.

That long end got woven up the back of the wand. When I was done weaving I’d take the ends and knot them into a chain. I’d then slide a bead or three onto the chain, tie on a feather, then pull the ends back through the bead(s) and knot and glue it. You can also see on the red wand that I got fancy and did some two-strand macrame up the front.

Magic Wand Pagan Craft - © Briana Blair

After you weave with your cotton or yarn or ribbon, then you can add other adornments. These ones had Swarovski flatback crystals that I had gotten either at a yard sale or in a trade, I forget now. Of course, how you decorate your wand is all up to you. I’ve seen totally undecorated wands all the way up to wands that had so much stuff glued and tied on that I wondered how anyone used them. Your opinion is all that matters on decorating though, it’s your spiritual tool. If you’re having trouble, sit down and take some time with your deity/deities and let them help you clear away any other human opinions and find out what would make the spirt(s) happy.

Now, I mentioned alternative ways to make wands. I’ve see a lot of clay wands online. You roll out a tube of clay then bake it, then decorate it. Wands can also be made from metal or wood hair sticks, which you may be able to find at a yard sale or thrift store. I don’t recommend the use of plastic for most ritual tools, but feel free to get creative looking for things that you can make a wand out of. I think branches are the best, but you can use whatever makes your heart sing. It’s all between you and your higher power(s).

If you’ve made your own wand, feel free to share photos, I’d love to see what you’ve done.

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Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    Wendy Juhl

    Those wands are beautiful. I really want a willow wand, but I don’t have access to a willow tree. I thought about buying one, but all of the ones for sale are more than twice as long as the size I’d like to work with, which is less than nine inches. I’d prefer one straight from nature, so maybe someday I’ll come across an obliging willow tree.

      Briana Blair

      Unfortunately there are no willow trees here, or I’d be happy to send you one.

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