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Spell to Attract Your True Love

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This spell can be used to bring your true love to you. If you don’t know where they are, but you want to attract them into your life, this spell can help you close the distance and bring them close enough to meet.

What you’ll need:

A red candle
(optional) Herbs: basil, ginger, apple, allspice, catnip, cinnamon
(optional) apple cider or spiced apple drink
(optional) cinnamon incense

If you have a method for setting up a ritual, do so before beginning. I recommend taking a cleansing shower or bath prior to casting.

Light your candle. If you’re using herbs, you can sprinkle them onto the lit candle or put your candle on a plate and sprinkle the herbs around it. Light your incense if you’re using it and take a moment to enjoy the scent. Now take some time to think about your true love. Imagine that wherever they are, you’ll be closing the distance between you. Maybe they’ll move closer to you, or you to them, but somehow you’ll become less distant, until you finally meet. Try to envision your silhouette and theirs a great distance apart, slowly and smoothly coming together. When you feel ready, read or recite the following:

Too far yet to see,
Too far yet to touch,
But you can hear me,
You can feel me.
You know my heart,
Across this distance.
All the time
And space between us
Will become nothing
And draw us near.
I will this to be true.
I have faith that one heart
Can find another
Across all that divides
And become one.

Now go back to the visualization of closing the distance between yourself and your true love. If you’ve chosen to incorporate the apple beverage, sip on it slowly at this time. Imagine the feelings of love growing between you and your soul mate as the distance closes, until you finally meet. Imagine the joy that you’ll feel when you have this person in your life, and how joyful they’ll be to have you. Stay in that place of love and happiness for as long as you like. When you’re ready, you can snuff your candle or allow it to burn out on its own.

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