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Spell Sachets and Charm Pillows – What They Are And How To Use Them

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Burgundy Crocheted Amulet Bag Necklace with Pink Glass Beads Medicine Pouch Talisman Bag Mojo BagSpell sachets, also sometimes known as charm bags, charm pillows, gris-gris bags or mojo bags are small fabric containers used in various spiritual practices. These small bags are usually filled with herbs, stones or other small items to provide the user with a desired result. Bags and sachets vary throughout different traditions.

The most common things you’ll see are small drawstring bags, ranging from around 1.5″ – 3″ in width and length. Sometimes they have a cord so they can be worn around the neck, sometimes not. These are what most people think of as charm or mojo bags. However, there are other varieties. The sachet style is typically made with no neck strap and may be sewn completely shut. The latter look like small pillows, hence the name “charm pillows.”

You can pretty much let your imagination run wild on what you might find inside one of these bags or sachets. Most often they will contain one or more herbs, which are in alignment with the purpose of the bag. For instance, a mojo bag intended to bring wealth would likely have herbs like clove, ginger and peppermint in it. Due to the variety of herbs, some sachets can smell wonderful, while others are quite unpleasant, though still very effective. In addition to herbs, small gemstones, seeds, or nuts may be added. In some traditions, additional items may be placed in the bag, such as a coin for wealth or a key for finding a new home. The pillow style sachets are less likely to contain solid objects, but it depends on the creator and the tradition they follow.

No matter the style, charm bags and sachets are typically intended to be carried. As I mentioned, many of the drawstring variety have a cord or strap so they can be worn around the neck. Even some of the pillow style have a neck cord. Charm bags without a strap can be carried in a purse, pocket, or tucked into one’s clothing. Sometimes, depending on the purpose of the bag, it may be placed elsewhere, such as in a glove box for safety in travel, or hung above a door to ward negativity in the home.

Most often mojo bags and other charm bags are used to bring a positive result to the person carrying them. Sometimes though, these bags are used to pass negativity to others, or for cures. I personally do not practice cursing or negative magic, nor do I approve of such things, but they do exist in many spiritual paths.

There are a wide variety of pre-made bags and sachets available for sale. Some may already be charged with intention, or simply filled with herbs and trinkets, ready for your intention and energy to be added. You can even buy sachets intended for aromatherapy and use them in magic, so long as you know the meanings of the herbs that were used. Of course, you can also make your own bags.

If you want to make your own bag or sachet, you can begin with a store-bought empty vessel, or sew your own. Next you would choose a selection of herbs that correspond to the desired result, like health, wealth, love, etc., and place them in the bag. You can stop there, or add other items like seeds, beads, gemstones, feathers, or other small, symbolic items. Keep the bag with you to obtain the desired result.

Depending on tradition, you may keep the bag or sachet with you at all times, for a set number of days, or only use it while spell casting. Personally, I feel that a charm bag should be kept with you, on or near your body, for as long as you feel you need it. I would suggest taking it out at least once a day, and while holding it, reaffirm your intention. If at any time the energy feels stale or negative, either empty and refill the bag, or discard it and get a new one. Once you achieve your desired result, you can discard the sachet or empty and cleanse it, if it is a refillable type.

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