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Some Truths About Self Help

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Rose Flower Embroidery - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’ve consumed a lot of self help, spirituality and philosophy products. A lot of us have turned to the self help industry for, well for HELP. Frankly, I find a large part of the whole self help industry to be a bunch of duplicitous, conniving jerks with their eye on the bottom line and not much else. Anyone who claims to have the secret to a better life while wearing the same suit I saw on a used car salesman gives me the heebie jeebies.

Are you trusting self help from someone with a marketing degree? Cue the clue bat smacking you in the head. Does your chosen guru talk about his exotic car collection extensively? What help could a materialistic corporate zombie possibly provide to the average person? Did I get you thinking yet? No? Well then, let me continue.

Have you followed the advice on a certain video only to realize that you are more confused than you were before? Does it sound too good to be true? Then DUH, chances are that it IS. If they talk about being charitable and non materialistic and then charge you hundreds of dollars for the “benefit” of their advice, WAKE UP.

But Eric, aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot telling people this? Don’t you hope to pay your bills with the same thing? That’s the question that all of YOU reading this should be asking. Why am I telling you this? Why would I be basically telling you that the self help industry is lying to you? The simple answer is brutally simple, because I believe in the TRUTH. I give advice on being happier and possibly making the world a better place. I do NOT try to tell you that you can be a millionaire or get the love of your life or any other ridiculous claim, I just tell you what will work.

Self help should help you with, DUH, yourSELF. I firmly believe that improving yourself will bring better things into your life, but you need to do the very real very hard work that will make YOU better. There is no magic pill, no easy way, no shortcut. People like me and others out there who are “spreading the virus” can help you and support you, but YOU must do the work yourself. There is no one religion or spiritual practice that works better, they all teach the same things anyway. Pick one that resonates with you and learn about being a better person. Figure out who you are down in your core and stop blaming others for your mistakes. You want more money? then stop blowing hundreds of dollars on self help seminars and write some quality stuff. That’s what I’m doing, and I’m a happier person for it.

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