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Some Days the Candy is Sweeter

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candy bonbons
Posted by / July 31, 2014 / 2 Comments

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candy bonbonsHave you ever had a day like that? A day when even something as simple as a piece of candy tastes better for some reason?

We all know what a bad day feels like, since they happen all too often in our crappy modern world. But how about good days? Days when the sun is bright and welcoming? Some days everything just seems to be a technicolor cornucopia of excellence. Even something as simple as a child’s smile can make you weep for joy on a day like this.

Why is it that we can’t all have days like this more often? Is it the greed and arrogance that surrounds us? Is it the media’s fault? The governments fault? Or is it simply that we have gotten used to the suck?

Are we addicted to the pile of crap? Have we become accustomed to the bad news and pain? Is our tolerance for negativity so evolved that we no longer know how to enjoy things without seeing the bad in them?

Then there are the truly good times. Times when even people who you don’t like surprise you with their clear thinking and positive outlook. I live for days like this. days when I am actually happy to just exist and be alive in this wonderful world. Today the candy is sweeter, the birds are singing and everything around me is a buffet of awesome. I wish we could all have days like this forever and ever. Coolness everlasting, sweet candy days and crisp moonlit nights all around!

I wish this for all of you, my faithful readers and followers of the twinkie. May you have days full of awesome and bereft of the suck that pulls us down. Let the pushers of crap vanish into obscurity! All hail the mighty disciples of awesome for we ARE the virus!

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    there’s too much negativity going around and we need to reverse the trend. It’s almost as simple as that but very much easier said than done.

      Eric Peacock

      It takes time and training to ignore the suck that surrounds us. Worth it though when you can pull it off.

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