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Society’s Teaching You to Live a Lowered Life

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

In my last article I talked about living an elevated life and how society is interfering with that. As much as people resist this truth, it is true that the government and media, and under their influence society, are teaching the people of the world to live a lowered life.

The media controls the people, and the government controls the media. One might wish it was just a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s the way things are at our current point in time. These forces are working in concert to keep the people of the world weak, angry, and money-driven. The media teaches people to crave drama, violence, overt sexuality, and “consumer bliss”. It tells you that your life should be about fear, hate, unrealistic appearance expectations and buying your way to happiness.

We could change all that, but it involves a large number of people taking action to institute change. However, we’re not helpless to the influences unless we choose to be. We can educate ourselves and open our eyes to the truth around us. We can learn to see the messages that commercials, television shows, magazines and the news are feeding into us. As we learn to see the real purpose behind what they’re doing, we become able to extricate ourselves from their control.

Society has become accustomed to the idea of self-preservation above all else, hopelessness to affect change and a general sense of apathy. People believe that it’s better to “go with the flow” or “live and let live” rather than change and become something better. We can choose to break free of that way of thinking and living, but we need to be truly aware of what’s happening in the world and be willing to make the needed changes to move into an elevated way of living.

I understand that there’s a great deal of resistance in most people to these ideas. We’ve been taught not to question or change or be anything other than what we’re told is “normal”. People don’t want to “buck the system” or stand out. However, that’s exactly what we need to do. Just because we see certain things perpetuated through visual and written media and on the internet doesn’t mean they’re right. Just because certain ways of thinking and being are the most common, doesn’t make them the best. “Everybody else is doing it” or “It’s what people want” are not valid excuses for not living up to our potential. That’s just what the media and the other controlling forces want you to believe.

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