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Society’s Contradictions on Sex and Violence

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I was just reading a post by one of my new favorite writers Denmarkguy , and it got me to thinking about something that I’ve always wondered about. Why does society give us such conflicting messages, and what can we do about it?

For example, most people agree that violence and war are bad. We want people to be less violent and we want to avoid war. So why then, does the media constantly bombard us with violence and war? Most news is about death, destruction, hate and suffering. Movies and video games glorify these things for our “entertainment”. If war and violence are so bad, why is the media feeding it to us on a daily basis?

The world is also polarized on the topic of sex. Some scream to the rafters that sex is bad and should only be used for procreation, never for enjoyment. They rail against promiscuity and unwanted pregnancy. In the next breath the media is splashing sex across commercials, movies, and television, in magazine ads and billboards. If it’s so bad, why are they trying to make it look so good?

I believe that we need to work for balance. But that’s the basis of my whole faith system. I do know that many agree. It’s no surprise though that much of society doesn’t know how to think or feel when religions are telling them one thing and the media is telling them another. Sometimes the media even contradicts itself, in one breath saying X is ruining the world, and in the next breath glorifying it for the sake of entertainment.

What we need is more common sense, more individual thinking, and more education and understanding. We need to break the media’s hold on our lives and minds. We can all find the real truths of life if we look within, rather than looking at the television or a magazine. People need to be taught to do that. As I always say, “think for yourself”.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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