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The Weak Will Inherit the Earth

It’s not pleasant to think about it, but if we let the world keep going the way it is, the weak will inherit the Earth. The planet will be populated by the weak, and controlled by the stupid. Think about it… Society is going downhill fast. Everything the media feeds

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It’s Not Good-Natured Fun

I was just reading an article someone posted about how an employee of a television show was constantly teased and berated at work. It got me to thinking about how people engage in “good-natured ribbing” and “innocent jokes” that are anything but. Insulting how someone looks, what clothes they wear,

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Scarcity Is A Lie, There IS Enough

You’re always hearing that there isn’t enough food, enough money, enough housing and so on. It’s all a lie. We’re not running out of anything, we’re just misusing what we have. There’s not enough food! Lie! There’s plenty of food. However, restaurants are serving portions that could feed three to

I’m Not White And Neither Are You

It may be nothing to most people, but I actually find being referred to as a color rather annoying. I’m not “white”. I’m a peach-ish/olive-ish sort of color. I’m pale, but not *that* bloody pale. And really, I have *never* seen someone who was black. Seriously dark brown, but never

Fossils Were Created by Satan

There’s been a lot of religion talk going on lately, and it got me to thinking about how incredibly ignorant and brainwashed a lot of those “true believer” sheep are. I used to be married to a Christian. He was very devoted, and not really thrilled when he found out

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Working for Actual Human Rights

After finding out that the Human Rights Campaign doesn’t actually fight for human rights, I started thinking more about the things that I’ve been supporting. In case you didn’t catch it, there has been a lot of anger among people after realizing that the HRC, while flaunting it’s pro-gay agenda,

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Keep Your Religion Out of My Bedroom

I was recently reading that in some state they’re trying to pass a law to make oral sex illegal. I think that is just one of the dumbest things ever. Where do these religious zealots get off (Heh, no pun intended.) trying to impose laws on what consenting adults do

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I Don’t Need to Live According to Your Religion

I believe that people have the right to practice whatever religion, faith or lack thereof that they see fit. They can live by whatever rules their faith sets forth for them. That’s just fine. What’s not fine is when people take their beliefs and try shoving them down the throats

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What’s With the War on Women?

The last couple of years have been quite disturbing to me. The current war on women has got me feeling like the country, and maybe the world, is going backwards instead of forwards. I don’t understand it. Why is there this war on women? The government and large corporations are

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Pink Doesn’t Make You Gay

I can’t count the number of times that I have seen or heard stupidity over colors being related to specific genders “blue is for boys, pink is for girls”, and the nonsense that color choices have anything to do with your sexuality. The really stupid thing is that if a

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Evil is a Human Construct

So many people like to throw around the words “good” and “evil”. There really is very little that is black or white in that department. Mostly, “Evil” is just “What I perceive as not good from my point of view.” Nature doesn’t have good and evil. It doesn’t exist. Things

Kindness Is Not Weakness

“Nice guys finish last.” Haven’t we all heard that? It’s one of those common sayings that is far more harmful than most might suspect. What that phrase basically tells people is that if you want to win, to get ahead, you can’t be nice. This leads to a world of

We Are All Connected To Each Other

Have you ever thought about what the world is really like? I have, and I see it like a spider web. Every one of us is connected to one another along the lines of the web. Each one has a leg on a line, and if anyone twitches, everyone feels

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