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Rules of Society That Don’t Make Sense

As I think more about the state of the world and how to change it, I often think about the supposed “rules” of our society that don’t make sense. Why is it illegal for a woman to go outside without a shirt, but accepted for a man, even though some

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We Use the Word Hate Too Often

The same guy who got me thinking about owning a cell phone also reminded me about the word hate. I said that “cameras hate me”, and he replied that he hardly ever uses that word. I’m surprised that I used it, since I’ve been making a conscious effort not to

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Society’s Contradictions on Sex and Violence

I was just reading a post by one of my new favorite writers Denmarkguy , and it got me to thinking about something that I’ve always wondered about. Why does society give us such conflicting messages, and what can we do about it? For example, most people agree that violence

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We All Breathe The Same Air

We all breathe the same air. We all sleep and eat, we all have blood and bones and flesh. We are alike in so many ways. So why do people keep finding new ways to become divided and hate each other? As humans, we tend to think that division and

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How Can Obesity and Hunger Both Exist?

Two of the biggest things I’ve been seeing people talk about lately are the American obesity problem and the American hunger problem. When I let my mind go for a bit, these two ideas collide and it really messes with my head. How can we have a problem with obesity

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The Weak Will Inherit the Earth

It’s not pleasant to think about it, but if we let the world keep going the way it is, the weak will inherit the Earth. The planet will be populated by the weak, and controlled by the stupid. Think about it… Society is going downhill fast. Everything the media feeds

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It’s Not Good-Natured Fun

I was just reading an article someone posted about how an employee of a television show was constantly teased and berated at work. It got me to thinking about how people engage in “good-natured ribbing” and “innocent jokes” that are anything but. Insulting how someone looks, what clothes they wear,

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Scarcity Is A Lie, There IS Enough

You’re always hearing that there isn’t enough food, enough money, enough housing and so on. It’s all a lie. We’re not running out of anything, we’re just misusing what we have. There’s not enough food! Lie! There’s plenty of food. However, restaurants are serving portions that could feed three to

I’m Not White And Neither Are You

It may be nothing to most people, but I actually find being referred to as a color rather annoying. I’m not “white”. I’m a peach-ish/olive-ish sort of color. I’m pale, but not *that* bloody pale. And really, I have *never* seen someone who was black. Seriously dark brown, but never

Fossils Were Created by Satan

There’s been a lot of religion talk going on lately, and it got me to thinking about how incredibly ignorant and brainwashed a lot of those “true believer” sheep are. I used to be married to a Christian. He was very devoted, and not really thrilled when he found out

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Working for Actual Human Rights

After finding out that the Human Rights Campaign doesn’t actually fight for human rights, I started thinking more about the things that I’ve been supporting. In case you didn’t catch it, there has been a lot of anger among people after realizing that the HRC, while flaunting it’s pro-gay agenda,

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