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Why is Doing Good So Hard?

Being the kind of person that I am, I always want to help people, and I’m constantly looking for more ways to do good for others. Unfortunately, it seems that our society has been arranging itself in such a way that doing charitable work is becoming harder than ever, and

Being A Lady Has Become Uncool

I’ve never left any question that I’m disgusted with most of society. The media is constantly encouraging gormless, rude behavior and making courtesy, compassion and modesty seem like freakishness. A true lady is almost impossible to find in today’s society. The few who are left are often looked down on

Some People Give Me Faith in Humanity

If you haven’t read anything by dorannmwin , you might want to. I was enjoying her writing for quite a while, but I have a whole new reason to click through to her these days. She’s one of those people that gives me hope for humanity. A lot of people

The Dangers of Being a Free Thinker

I mentioned earlier the thing about how being open-minded and trying to get others to think and change is dangerous. Some people think that that’s just another crazy conspiracy theory, but it’s not. There are things that really happen, they just don’t make headline news unless the media can find

What are You Doing for the World?

For quite a while now I have been on a mission to not only be the best person that I can be, but also to do as much as I can for the world. I write here as a way to share ideas and inspiration and create change in people.

The Slow Global Mind Hack

You’ve been mind hacked. I’ve been mind hacked. Most of the world has been mind hacked. Are you aware? Are you fighting it? Are you reversing it? People often rail against the idea that they’re being mind hacked, but they are, and it’s happening every day. Newspapers, television, movies, magazines,

Facial Piercings – Wear Band Aids or Get Fired

My recent piece on tattoos got me to thinking about other body adornments, namely piercings. I have 7 piercings myself, and I have considered getting more. Like tattoos, I don’t think piercings should affect your ability to get or keep a job, but not everyone shares my views. I remember

Violence is Sometimes Needed

One of the many things that hit me last night when I had the deep conversation about my life and how I’d strayed off my path was the idea that pacifism isn’t for everyone. Some people think that it’s the right way to go, but I’ve really been thinking about

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