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What We Need Is One Nation, United

Every time I see one of these bills or laws come up trying to promote one group’s interests over another or I see hate crimes, I always think the same thing: What we really need to be fighting for is human rights. Not special interests, not some small group’s desires,

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Why Will People Believe In Evil But Not Magic?

Lately I’ve had this almost overwhelming desire to bring magic into my life. I created a shrine to nine faces of Ome, I’ve been thinking about spells and rituals, and I’ve been looking for magic in the mundane. I’ve been thinking about The Source and about how wondrous the world

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Racism Is One Of The Dumbest Things Ever Invented

I’ve never really understood why there’s still racism in the world. Humans have existed for thousands of years, and yet in all that time we haven’t learned to get over petty differences and act like a single human race. You’d think in all that time we’d have come to our

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A Burglary Every 14.4 Seconds, Seriously?

I saw a commercial on television yesterday that was selling home security systems, and they said that the reason you need one is because there’s a burglary every 14.4 seconds in the United States. How insane is that? A statistic like that tells me two things. One, there are too

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Why Are We Holding On To So Much Hate?

While I was writing my last piece on violence against the LGBTQ community, part of my brain kept wondering “Why do we have so much hate?” I don’t understand it, and I never have. Well, intellectually, I comprehend the base reasons for the hate that people have, but I don’t

Putting An End To Bully Induced Suicides

It’s appalling to me that people commit suicide every day as a result of abuse and bullying. People’s lives are brought to an untimely end because of the way that others treat them. What’s worse is that we’re being taught to think that people who commit suicide are just weak,

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We’re Addicted To Disbelief And The Media

It’s a sad fact that people today seem to be addicted to disbelief. So much of what we see and what we’re told leads us to believe that things are difficult, if not impossible, and we become so used to that idea that we actually begin to perpetuate it in

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Why Some Charities Ask Too Much

In a recent post I was talking about how it’s getting harder to do good in the world, and I mentioned how many of the charities out there ask for rather high minimum donations. While I was eating lunch a commercial for Wounded Warriors came on and it made it

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