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There’s No Such Thing As Black Or White People

I’ve seen a lot of talk about race inequality lately, and it makes me angry. I don’t understand how, in this day and age, people can still care about the color of a person’s skin or their country of origin. Even the supposed terrorist threat doesn’t warrant racism in my

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Dishwashers, Water Spots And Your Friends

I saw a commercial on television advertising a dish washer detergent. The couple’s glasses came out with some white spots on them, so the woman sends the man off to distract their guests while she tries to clean them. I know they’re trying to sell a product, but this commercial,

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Do Unto Others May Be The Best Rule Ever

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “golden rule” which goes something like this: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Over the years, that right there is one thing that I keep thinking could change the world if people would just learn to live by it,

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What We Need Is One Nation, United

Every time I see one of these bills or laws come up trying to promote one group’s interests over another or I see hate crimes, I always think the same thing: What we really need to be fighting for is human rights. Not special interests, not some small group’s desires,

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Why Will People Believe In Evil But Not Magic?

Lately I’ve had this almost overwhelming desire to bring magic into my life. I created a shrine to nine faces of Ome, I’ve been thinking about spells and rituals, and I’ve been looking for magic in the mundane. I’ve been thinking about The Source and about how wondrous the world

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