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You’re Not Worthy – Women as Baby Factories

Some people consider women who can’t bear children to be worthless It’s hard to imagine, but there are still people in the US who think a woman is worthless if she can’t bear children. Is a woman truly less valuable if she can’t have children? A woman, after having a

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Sex and Pedophilia in the Catholic Church

What are priests and nuns really doing? Some people think that Catholics are sexually repressed, but if you’ve seen the news any time in the last decade you know there’s a lot of scandal revolving around the Catholic church. For a while it was hard to turn on the television

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I Hate the World – Turning Anger into Action

Converting your anger about issues into useful actions We all get really fired up about certain issues in the world, but what are we really doing about it? Try turning your anger into action, and you might be amazed at the results. We’ve all done it… We’ve all griped and

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Good Customer Service is Profitable for Businesses

Give better service, get more happy customers Have you ever stopped doing business with an establishment because of poor customer service? It’s pretty common, but some businesses don’t realize that better customer service equals better profits. There’s nothing quite as annoying as getting bad customer service, and few things as

Religious Symbols - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Terrorism, Hate and Trying to Stay Calm

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have some strong opinions, and I get pretty heated over things. Unfortunately, this is making my stress levels go up, and is not helping my health, so I am going to go for a calmer approach on this one. The thing that

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Kids Killing Kids: Are Parents at Fault?

When kids kill other kids, are parents to blame? We blame it on movies, music, video games and the news, but are parents actually the ones responsible when their children commit murder? Society blames it on movies and music, video games, the news and even other kids when children murder

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Real Men Can Change The Current Rape Mentality

An article on Elite Daily mentions a Washington Post headline that blamed women for rape. It suggested that if women had husbands rather than boyfriends, they and their children would be safer. I’m not going all into how that’s not true or fair, but it did get me thinking.

If You See Someone In Danger, Help Them

I was just browsing around the internet and saw a video of a Chinese woman being beaten by a man that was presumably her husband. After she was beaten down to the ground people finally stepped in. Viewers are praising the crowd, but I think it took far too long

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