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Skin Care Tips for the Winter Season

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Posted by / October 21, 2016 / 1 Comments

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The air has cooled, the leaves have changed, and the sweaters are back in daily rotation—fall is here, and with the falling temperatures, we’re reminded that winter is coming. While this season is wondrous, filled with snow, holiday get-togethers, and a reason to finally wear your favorite gloves, it also means the arrival of common winter skin ailments. From dry, cracked skin to eczema flare ups, the winter weather can be harsh on our skin, so keep these skin care tips in mind as we head into the upcoming chilly months.

Up the Ante on Moisturizing

You may find that with the excessive winter dryness, your normal everyday moisturizer just doesn’t cut it anymore. Many find that their skin care regimen changes as the weather does. If the use of your normal moisturizer still sees your skin cracking and excessively dry, look for an oil-based moisturizer. These form a protective layer on the surface of the skin to help you retain moisture. However, it’s important to look for non-comedogenic options, as these are designed to help your skin stay moist without clogging your pores.

Wear SPF

While winter rainstorms and cloudy skies likely don’t have you running to the store for sunscreen, it’s essential to keep your skin protected with SPF all winter long. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen on every exposed area of your skin. Look for makeup products that contain SPF for an added dose of protection for the sensitive skin on your face. Quick side note: while it’s not related to skin care, it’s always important to wear sunglasses while you’re outdoors to protect those peepers, especially in the face of blinding, reflective snow.

If Your Hands Hurt

Many find that their hands become dry and irritated more regularly during the winter. This is because the skin on our hands is delicate, and produces less oil. To help your hands retain moisture in cold weather, it’s important to always wear gloves when heading outdoors. Look for trendy gloves that have a cotton lining to ensure your skin isn’t irritated by any harsh materials. The winter months lend themselves to illness, and this leads many of us to wash our hands and apply antibacterial lotion as often as possible to avoid getting sick, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, while this can decrease the chances of catching a cold, it increases the chances of drying out your hands. Keep a bottle of lotion on hand at your desk at the office so you can replenish the skin of the moisture it has lost in those rigorous washing sessions.

Slough off Dead Skin Cells

With dry skin, you’ll experience quite a bit of dry skin cell accumulation, and it’s important to use exfoliating scrubs to help smooth out the skin. Check out the soothing scrubs from Lush, then treat the skin to some soothing elements with a simple DIY mixture of bentonite clay and a dollop of honey. Scrub away, then rinse under lukewarm water to reveal rejuvenated skin.

If You Have Acne

For those with oily or combination skin, the dryness that comes with winter weather can actually help clear up pimples, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is only temporary. Even if your skin is looking clear and those pimples seem to be drying up, it’s important to keep up with a preventive acne treatment plan. Unfortunately, acne can’t be cured, but it can be controlled; with consistent treatment, your skin will remain clean and clear once spring rears its head.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Don’t forget the sensitive skin on that pout. Our lips can fall prey to winter weather very easily. Be sure to keep a Hurraw lip balm on hand all season long. This natural, vegan, organic lip balm is designed to leave your lips feeling and looking plump and smooth.

Keeping your skin looking and feeling its best this winter season is a breeze with these simple skin care tips, so revamp your morning routine and do your skin a favor.

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    Great article! Thank you for sharing these with us, I will definitely listen to your advice and start preparing on time. I know that season changes have a great impact on our body as a whole, and our skin quality. I also checked your suggestions and I also found a lot of useful tips there too. I hope to see more similar articles on your blog!

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