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Simple White Candle Inner Peace Spell

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This is a simple spell to drive away negative feelings and energy and bring peace and calm into your life.

What you’ll Need:

A white candle, a quiet space

This spell can be done just about anywhere, at almost any time, so long as you have privacy and a candle. There’s no need for a big ritual, but feel free to use your altar if you have one, cast a circle, or do any other things that you feel should be part of the spell. If you like, you can anoint the candle with ritual oils before using it.

Basic Method

Set your candle somewhere safe, light it, then speak the following words aloud or in your head.

White light
Come to me,
White light
Set me free.
Peace and calm
Shall come to me.
As I will
So shall it be.

You can say the spell once, or as many times as you feel necessary. You can either let the candle burn out or snuff it when you’re done. If you snuff it, you can re-light it at any time to reaffirm the spell.
If you want to make the spell more powerful, you can use a long-burning candle and repeat the spell every day for a week, allowing the candle to burn for a specific amount of time each day.

Japa Mala Method

An alternative method for casting this spell would be to use prayer beads. Light the candle, then on the first bead say “White light, come to me” on the second say “White light, set me free.” Repeat this until you have completed one full set of 108. When you have finished a complete mala, say the final verse: “Peace and calm shall come to me. As I will so shall it be.” Then either extinguish your candle or allow it to burn out.

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