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Simple Black Candle Protection Spell

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Posted by / June 22, 2017 / 7 Comments

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This simple black candle spell is a very effective way to banish negative energies and protect yourself from ill will and attacks, both spiritual and mundane.

If you like, you can perform a ritual cleansing, cast a circle, adorn your altar, or do whatever other ritual preparation you see fit before beginning this spell.

What you’ll need:

A black candle, a quiet space

When you’re ready to begin, imagine that as you recite this incantation, you’re forming a strong iron cage around yourself or your space. This cage cannot be entered by anything that you don’t want there. It protects you completely. Anything that attempts to affect you in a negative manner is deflected away from you.

Light your candle and recite these words:

Darkness swirls,
And evils attack.
That which is wicked,
I push thee back.
Forces of evil,
You are rejected.
By holy light
I am protected.
From my path
All harm is deflected.
These words are my ward,
I am protected.

Continue to focus on your protective cage as you allow the candle to burn. Believe that even when you can’t see the cage in your mind, it’s still there, protecting you. It’s reinforced with pure magical energy and will keep you from harm.

If you’re using this spell to protect a space, I recommend burning the candle as close to the middle of the room/home as possible, and envision the cage surrounding the whole area.

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    Roxanne Muir-Weaver

    Hello. I would like to thank you. I’m in a bad “place” in my life and in a random google search I found your black candle protection spell (it was the 2nd link). I followed every direction. I have a feeling of peace right now. Also, as I started to look up who you are I came across the meaning of pink you have posted. It was then I realized I had lit a 3 wick Pink candle Immediately before doing this spell. It just kind of sealed in the power of your spell, now my spell. Thank you. Blessed Be. Willow

      Briana Blair

      I’m so glad that it worked for you, and for that bit of synchronicity with the other candle. I hope that whatever is wrong in your life quickly becomes a thing of the past.


    I am attempting to banish an evil and threatening individual from my home. I am using a black 9″ taper candle. It was so slippery, or maybe I was just overly careful but I bumped it 3 different times (I turn it off after burning a certain amount of time). This last time, it cracked!! in half BUT it is still strong because it is standing straight! Can I continue to use or do I have to start all over again??

      Briana Blair

      If it’s still standing, I’d say finish using it. So long as it will stand, it’s good.


    Spell put me at peace. Thank you very much.


    Can this be used to protect a person from any harm that may be brought their way?

      Briana Blair

      Yes. You can make it even more powerful by carving protective sigils into the candle and/or anointing the candle in protective oils.

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