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Sex and Violence on TV

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I don’t think I will ever understand the love/hate relationship with sex that this country has. Admittedly, I was raised abroad and I have quite different views on sex and nudity than most, but come on people. It’s an old tired question that I have heard asked “what would you rather have your children see on TV? Sex or violence?” To me it’s pretty much a no-brainer. I’d much rather let a child watch a XXX movie than the news.

Go ahead, ask me why I’m not mentioning violent movies. Simple, I’ve seen nastier things on the news than on any movie or TV program. At least I know that movies are fiction. The news media shows us the most negative, violent, evil, paranoia inducing things they can possibly find all in the name of ratings. Sensationalism I think it’s called. They show us every droplet of blood, every scream of the victims of the horrid crimes that humans commit against each other. When it comes to sex and nudity, it’s a completely different approach.

Things have been changing in recent times but the approach is still the same. “Clothing Malfunctions” are given just as much negative press as a serial killer but they don’t actually show anything. Makes me start to wonder if they’re just making the story up sometimes. Sweet, tender moments of a couple making love are cut out completely but not the scene with the hero driving a knife into someone. Sex and nudity have been made into such a big deal by people who think that these things are somehow sinful and wrong. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are nude every time you bathe or shower and you wouldn’t even be here if sex was not involved.

I’m really rather angry about the hangups Americans have with sex. It’s normal and natural. It may not be a subject for a small child but it’s certainly less harmful to impressionable minds than glorifying murder and violence. I see the stickers and signs saying things like “stop the violence” all over the place and I’ve even seen the anti-violence and anti-drug commercials on TV. The ridiculous thing is that not even 2 minutes after I see an anti-violence message, I see a violent act. If they can subject viewers to bloody violence why can’t they balance it out a bit with some gratuitous nudity too? You people need to get your priorities straight, so maybe I’ll watch the news again. Maybe they could do a story about preventing breast cancer and actually show women what to look for?



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