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Selling Art Components and Art Materials

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Formed Wire Lampshade Bead Earrings WIP 3 - Image: © Briana Blair
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You don’t need to sell finished art to make money

Some people aren’t capable of making finished art pieces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be an artist. Selling art components and art materials can also be a lucrative business.

Some people have a certain amount of artistic skill, but not enough to make really good finished artwork. Some people have so much skill that they can help other artists. Either way, selling art components and art materials can be a good way to make money with whatever level of skill you have, and assist other artists in making great finished work.

I love all kinds of art, and sometimes I don’t know what to do with all the things I’ve created. By selling some of my work as components for other artists, I am helping to take some of the stress off those artists, and aiding them in creating better work. One example is the fact that I love making kaleidoscopes. I put a lot of them in myMandala Magic shop, but I also sell some of them in an online shop as textures and backgrounds for other artists. I sell packs of my designs at a low cost so that other artists can use them in their own work.

Dracoselene was undertaking something similar. He loves creating 3D art, but doesn’t always have the time to make finished pieces. He’s now working on making textures, tattoos and makeup sets for other 3D artists to use in their work. He’s still using his artistic skill, and at the same time he’s helping other artists make better art. Our art components and materials make life easier for other artists, and we still get to make money and get our names out into the world.

This idea isn’t limited to the digital art world by any means. Crafters are always on the lookout for good materials to use in their crafts. Maybe you’re able to make beautiful handcrafted clay beads that you could sell to those who make jewelry. Maybe you can create hands and faces for doll makers. Maybe you love working with a wire jig and can create wire components for others to use in jewelry and chainmaille.

If you have the skill and the desire to make something artistic that other people can use, go for it. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make your own finished art. Being a material and component provider can make you just as famous as an artist! Think about people who make lampwork beads, doll faces, miniatures or digital art materials. Without them, other artists would have to make those things themselves, or go without them. You will be providing a highly valuable service, and if you’re good at what you do, word will spread and you can make a good profit.

Whether you’re just too creative for your own good, or making components is all you can do, do what you can and let people know about it. Set up an online shop and provide your art components and art materials to the world. Do some research and find out who to market your product to. You never know, you may very well become the go-to person for art materials in your field.

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