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Self Help Writing AS Self Help

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Danging Guy Cartoon Party - Image: Public Domain, PixabaySelf help writing is something I love to do. It’s one of my passions, my mission, and my own personal attempt to make the world a better place. None of these things are a surprise to any you, my regular readers. I say things that I think need to be said and I compile sensible advice that anyone with half a brain can understand and follow. I don’t expect anyone to be like me, or to follow the advice I give. I put it out there in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, ONE person will be inspired to change a SINGLE thought. I want to make people think for themselves instead of letting others make their decisions for them. I want people to be happier and more decent to one another. Again, many of you know these things about me already.

What if I told you that there is yet another reason I write the things I do? Indeed there is dear readers. I write the things I do as part of my own journey to being a better person. You can do the same thing, ya know. Write down all the things you want to teach yourself. If you want to be less inclined towards anger, then write about taming your anger. Write about the things you want to see in the world, like marshmallow peeps that are jalapeno flavored for example. Use self help writing as your very own self help. Chances are good that you already know what it would take to be a better, more caring, decent person. Write about it, teach yourself and others at the same time.

Is my stuff biased? Of course it is, I think differently than you. Is my stuff honest? You betcha, I consider honesty and integrity as important virtues. I write about the truth as I see it and I write about the truth that I wish others would see. Write about your own personal version of truth instead of parroting things you’ve been taught, and you’ll suddenly find yourself writing self help articles. You’ll discover that everyone is a self help guru, even YOU.

By the way, if anyone knows anything about jalapeno flavored peeps, let me know ok?

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