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Seeing God As A Person And Giving Up Your Personal Power

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I know it’s a controversial way of thinking, but I believe that the Higher Power is not an individual being, but an energy force that exists not only outside of us but also within us. We have great power and potential inside of us, we’re just taught not to use it, and scolded any time we do try. It’s just my point of view, but I think that seeing the Source as a being that only exists outside of yourself is very limiting.

Some religions believe that their god or gods are these beings who are separate from humanity. They are people of a sort, something to be followed and worshiped. People believe that the god or gods control everything and that humans have no power. They are at the mercy of whatever higher being. I tried believing that sort of thing at one time, and it never really set well with me.

It seems that this way of thinking, with people being separate from the Higher Power, pretty much creates a permanent victim mentality. You thank the being(s) when something good happens, but you feel punished when something bad happens. You’re left to wonder what you did to displease the entity and how you can make it happy again. When you want or need something, you ask for its blessing or permission, feeling that you’re not able to get it on your own, like asking a parent for the toy you want.

Alternatively, we can see Source as something that is both within us and outside of us, and the two are inextricably connected. This viewpoint allows us to feel a part of god within us and use that strength to make our own choices and live our own lives. No longer do we feel ourselves to be at the mercy of some unseeable outside force, but instead we feel empowered by the part of that force that’s inside us. We feel that we always have that guidance and strength with us, rather than needing to ask for its presence and approval.

I’ve never been able to get on board with the “god is great but you’re just human” mentality. It seems almost purposefully designed to make people feel inadequate and incapable. The idea of god being a part of you, of always having access to that strength and knowledge, feels much more empowering. It also fosters a sense of constant connection to deity rather than a total separation from it.

Now, I do believe that there can be value in seeing deity as a being or beings with which you can communicate. In hard times you can imagine talking to a physical interpretation of The Source, and it can help you work through your issues and find the answers you need. I feel, however, that it works better if you see that embodiment simply as a temporary representation of the Source rather than an actual, individual being that needs to be placated or beseeched.

I do believe that god, Source, whatever you like to call it, is actually inside all of us. If we take the time to look within we can answer many of our own questions and solve many of our own problems. There’s no difference between the guidance that we perceive to come from our own heart and mind and that which we see as coming from an external deity. It all comes from the same place, it’s all the same thing. When we embrace that we can move beyond the limitations of living a life asking for help from some giant entity that we feel disconnected from, and know that we are being listened to and answered at every moment, and we are never alone.

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Briana Blair

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