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Says Who? – With Old Age Comes Bad Health

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

So many people think that weight gain, tiredness and poor health are just an unavoidable part of getting older but they don’t know how wrong they are. some people live to 80, 90 or 100+ years old in good health. some people spend their youth sick, but live their later years healthy. Age is just a number, it doesn’t mean that any particular thing or set of things is absolutely going to happen to you.

I have seen proof of this in my own life. I’m not “old” yet, but I’m older. I spent my entire youth sick and in pain. I’ve been on more pills than you can shake a stick at and had a laundry list of issues, some of them supposedly incurable and persistent. I’ve gotten healthier in the last 5 years than I’ve ever been. I still see improvement. I know that by the time I hit 40, I’ll be better than I’ve ever been, and there will still be room to be even better.

If you learn to take care of your body, mind and soul, you can get healthy and stay that way. You’re never too old. Even if people tell you that the damage and illness you have can never be made better, don’t believe them. There is no limit to what we’re capable of. You just have to want to make the changes needed to get yourself on track. you may very well be amazed at what your body is capable of when given the right conditions.

It’s bad living and negative thinking that drag us down over the years. If we live in happiness, hope and a clean lifestyle, we can get better over time, like those fine wines they talk about. Don’t let the world convince you that it’s all downhill after 25, that’s just not true. Some people start getting healthy at 70 and live the rest of their lives in a better quality than all the ones before. Anyone can do it, at any time in their lives.

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