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Who Says We Can’t Change Other People?

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Someone just commented on one of my articles and it’s a bit of a sidetrack from all the rambling I needed to get out of my head, but at the same time it’s totally intertwined. They said it was their experience that we can’t change other people, only ourselves. How untrue that is!

Think about it. How many times has a person bought something because they saw it on TV or in a review? Did they want to before that influence from some other person or entity made them want to? Not always. Often, people buy because someone makes them think they want that thing.

How many times have we heard of cults, and “legitimate” religions for that matter, altering the minds of their followers? They take your free thought away and turn you into an obedient drone. Any questions or thoughts you had are stripped away and someone else makes the choices for you.

How many times have you been online and decided that some site or company wasn’t “good” because you saw a lot of negative talk about it? If you didn’t look to see if there was a positive side and maybe people were trash talking for some underhanded reason, you just let those people change your thoughts and actions.

How many times to people change their way of living or thinking based on what they see in the media or based on what the government is doing. It happens all the time.

The truth is, people are changing people every single day. We give up our power by thinking that the only people we can change is ourselves. Now obviously, we need to change ourselves first, and be the best people that we can be. We need to be a living example of what we want to see in the world. However, everything we do and say can change others. When directed with intent, we absolutely can affect others, either positively or negatively.

We should never try to make other people into clones of ourselves and we should give them the freedom they deserve, but we do have the power to alter others. it’s just our responsibility as decent human beings to do that with love and respect and a mindfulness of each individual’s right to choose.

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