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Say Hello to Mr. Goofy Frog

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

Yesterday Eric and I were sitting outside on the deck trying to enjoy the outdoors for a bit before the storm hit us. I don’t know how he even saw it, but he said he caught movement near a tree out in the back yard. He said he saw a “poing!” that didn’t have a tail, which meant it wasn’t a squirrel. Turns out, it was a frog.

I tried looking through the binoculars to see it, but I couldn’t see it. He said it was there, so I decided to go walking out there, taking his directions to find it. Sure enough, there was this big frog sitting out there. I haven’t seen a frog that big in a long time, so I thought it was pretty cool.

I crouched down near it, and for a while it was just still. Then I reached down to pull some of the grass away so I could see it better. When I did, it raised up on two side legs and got all puffy. It was a threat display. Of course, I just thought it was cute, but I’m sure it thought it was being big and bad. Eric said he could see it through the binoculars from the deck.

I motioned for him to go get the camera, and he came back, along with two family friends, to get in on the action. We tried several times to get a shot of it on the ground, but we couldn’t keep the camera steady, and it had started to rain. I tried to pick up the frog, but apparently was doing it wrong, so Eric stepped in and picked him up.

Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair


With the frog in Eric’s hands I was able to get two good shots. I love the one from the front, the frog just looks so goofy! After the photos he got put back down, no harm done. We all had to run back to the deck because by that time it was really raining. None of us cared much though, we were all enjoying this little bit of nature.



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