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Save Your Skin, Use Fewer Beauty Products

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Posted by / March 9, 2013 / 1 Comments

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Many years ago someone I knew took me to a Merle Norman Cosmetics so we could get makeovers. I’d never done such a thing, so I went for it, thinking it would be fun. Turns out, it wasn’t. They literally put SEVEN layers of product on my face! I felt like a walking mummy, there was that much on my skin. I couldn’t wait to get it washed off.

A lot of women think that they need a ton of products to stay beautiful. There has to be a pore reducer, a cleanser, a toner, moisturizer, foundation, concealer and then makeup on top of it all. It’s crazy, and actually not good for your skin. No matter how much companies claim that you need their products and they’re good for your skin, the simple truth is that less is more.

Natural is the best way to go. Use as little on your skin as possible. Just stay clean and use very little makeup. A lot of those products make your skin look older, clog your pores, and alternately dry it out and make it more oily. You’re better off to just let your face breathe.

Personally, I use a little Noxzema and that’s it for cleaning. Sometimes if I have an oily bit I’ll use a little rubbing alcohol, but rarely. I don’t use lotions on my face at all except on the rare occasion that I’m removing costume makeup.

As for cosmetics, I use a mineral makeup. Not the fancy brand one, but a good one that costs a lot less. I don’t put on a lot of it either. Just a little on the spots I need to cover, a bit of eyeshadow, and I actually use the black mineral shadow instead of eyeliner most days. I don’t wear makeup every day either.

If you want healthy, beautiful skin, ditch all the products. Save your skin and some money. Just go natural.

Image; Public Domain, Morguefile

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    Briana Blair

    Yes they have. Wait until I get around to posting the article i wrote about the whole “nude makeup” movement.

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