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Roditori Brasato – The Serious Joke

raccoon eating from can
Posted by / July 28, 2014 / 2 Comments

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raccoon eating from canNot too long ago I wrote a post called “Roditori Brasato – A Taste Bud Explosion”. I’ve since deleted it because my readers missed the actual point of the post. I was doing my Coyote channeling thing again and seemed to miss the mark a bit.

The point was to make people think about what they are eating. There are a lot of foods out there that get named something exotic or interesting and suddenly they sound gourmet. Squab is roast pigeon but if you tell someone you ate pigeon they’ll get all “eww” on you. Tell someone that green beans come with their meal and they’re like “meh”, but tell them that their meal comes with haricot verts and they get visions of five star restaurants. A rose by any other name really does smell just as sweet ya know.

Roditori Brasato is Italian for braised rodent. I wanted to take something that many people would never eat and make it sound exotic. As it so happens, the italian phrase just sounded the most like a tasty treat. The rave review I wrote was an honest one, in case you were unaware. I have eaten and enjoyed raccoon, squirrel, muskrat and a few other rodents. You’d be surprised how tasty some things are if you can just get over your assumptions.

I love channeling Coyote the trickster. Making people think and possibly smile makes me HAPPY. It helps all of us when people show you something in a new light. Try looking through the eyes of coyote, look at something in a new way. Come up with a joke that’s only half joking. Coyote isn’t evil, but he IS a tricksy bugger 🙂



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    I apparently missed that original article. I think it’s funny. And a great point.

      Eric Peacock

      It was up on BB a year ago …Tis gone forever now since it missed the point anyway.

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