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Be Responsible For Your Own Character

Super Hero Character Person
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Super Hero Character Person

Image: Public Domain, Clker

Even though society has taught us that we need to shape everything we do so that we please as many people around us as possible, that’s not actually the way we should be living our lives. There are always going to be people who don’t like you or what you’re doing, and trying to please others will only lead to madness. What people really need to be doing is taking responsibility for their own character and working to simply be the best that they can be.

We live in a society of sheep, of people who have been trained only to follow someone else. We’ve stopped listening to our gut and thinking for ourselves. This leads to so many societal problems, and it’s something we need to change. Too many people are entrenched in the “that’s the way it is” and “everyone else is doing it” mentalities. We need to stop being led and go back to leading ourselves. Deep down, we know right from wrong, but the media sends us mixed signals and causes people with weak minds to be unable to listen to those natural, inner instincts.

People have become hateful, closed-minded, thoughtless and frankly, stupid. They emulate what they see on TV and have fed to them on the internet. Everyone else is doing it, so they accept it as the way things should be. We need to wake up and start living for ourselves. We are each responsible for our own character, even when the media tells us that we’re just a product of our surroundings and it’s okay to just go with that. It’s not okay, and society being messed up is not an excuse for any of us not to act the way we really should.

You need to be able to look in the mirror and like who you are as an individual. It’s not enough to say “I’m acting like everyone else”. If everyone else is selfish, ignorant and shallow, do you really think it’s okay for you to be that way too? It’s not. You need to be the best person that you can be, no matter what anyone else around you is doing. You are your own person, so you can choose to be a better one. Acting in ways that aren’t in your own best interests or for the greater good is not excusable, no matter what society may try to tell you.

We need to take responsibility for our own character. Yes, it may be hard to be honest when surrounded by liars. It can be difficult to be compassionate when those around us are heartless. It can be a challenge to have ethics when no one else around you does. All of that is true, but you should do it anyway. No matter how many people you may please temporarily by acting up or following the crowd, it won’t actually make you a good person. You just have to be one, and until society shifts for the better, it will set you apart. That’s not a bad thing though. In a world full of fools and sheep, you can be a beacon of how people should really be.

Society may be telling us that it’s “normal” to be shallow, materialistic, callous and irresponsible, but it’s not. They tell us it’s fine to let your intelligence slip, tell lies, and be irresponsible. It’s not. There was a time when people had honor, and a rare few still do. There was a time when your word and your character really meant something, and we need to bring that back into society. We need to stand up for what’s right for ourselves and others, no matter what anyone else is doing.

Whenever I think of giving in and just going with the crowd, I always put the same scene into my head. I imagine lying on my death bed, taking my last breaths, replaying the events of my life. Will I be proud of the things I did? Will I be happy with the person that I was? Will I feel that I did my best, against all odds? I want to be able to answer yes to all those things, and you should too. There is nothing in the world that gives you a legitimate reason to not be a good person. When you die, you should be able to look back on your life and know that despite any mistakes you may have made, you were honest, compassionate, loving, giving and a truly worth being. And really, you shouldn’t wait for death. You need to live a life that makes you proud every single day.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    Eric Peacock

    “Honor remains when the mountains have crumbled to dust.”

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