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Remineralizing Toothpaste – Does It Really Work?

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In August I wrote a tutorial for using natural toothpaste and after three months I decided it’s time to do a review of the effectiveness of the product. ( Remineralizing Clove Organic Toothpaste ) Does remineralizing toothpaste really work? I’d have to say yes.

My mouth was pretty bad off when I started using this product. I had two cavities and the sensitivity toothpaste I was using didn’t always help the pain. My gums bled almost every time I brushed. I had a lot of plaque buildup and decay along the gumline.

Within a few days of using this toothpaste my gums stopped bleeding. My gums felt less tender, and brushing was easier. By the end of the first month my gums were less tight and looked healthier. Most of the plaque loosened and just fell away. I stopped having toothaches.

After two more months of use I’ve seen continued improvement. My gums now look very healthy. 90% of the plaque buildup is gone. The black decay that rimmed my upper teeth at the gumline is almost completely gone. The decay along my lower front teeth has diminished and seems to be showing continued improvement.

As for the cavities, the lower wisdom tooth seems just fine now. It still hasn’t come completely through, but it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t look black anymore. The top rear molar still has a hole, but there’s no pain or bleeding. I’m not sure if it’s getting better, but it’s certainly not getting worse. I had a molar on the top left that was starting to turn gray and I feared it might become a cavity, but it’s now a normal tooth color and doesn’t seem to be an issue.

From what I can see so far, I would have to say that this product does make a distinct difference in the health of one’s gums and teeth. I’ve ordered two more jars and I intend to continue using it twice a day. Considering what it’s done so far, I can easily believe that the state of my teeth will continue to improve with continued use.

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