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Religion Is Assaulting America – A Poem

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This may be one of the most powerful poems I’ve ever written. I haven’t written in a long time, but I was just sitting there, and this came to me. This is how I feel. It’s like Americans are being violated, taken against our will, feeling helpless to stop those who would seize us, destroy us, and call it love. Religion, Evangelical Christianity in particular, has been worming its way into our lives, and worse, our government, for years. They have the intention of taking over the country and forcing everyone to believe and live as they do. They don’t care how anyone feels about it, they just want power and control over the whole population. Even though there’s no proof that anything they believe is real, and even though they throw science in the trash daily, they think they’re right and deserve to be rulers of our country.

Theistic religion is responsible for all manner of atrocities throughout history. What’s happening in America right now is no small thing. The war’s already begun, and they’re winning. If we don’t stand up, if we don’t scream, they’ll have their way with us, and leave us quivering and crying, a shell of what we once were. We’re already beaten and weak, but the battle isn’t over yet.

We’re America’s children, and we need to start screaming.

*Trigger Warning: If you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, this may be an uncomfortable read. Please proceed with caution.*


Religion Is Raping America

She once stood tall,

Proud and beautiful.

A beacon of hope, harmony, and happiness.

And then it came.

It looked upon her with wanton eyes.

It wanted to take her for its own.

But she looked away.

She carried on, watching over her children.

“Live and let live.” she smiled.

But it crept in, slowly at first.

Its fingers tested the edges of her being,

Slowly feeling, cloaked in false kindness.

Then at once it was upon her.

It took hold of her, gripped her.

“Please, no.” she called.

But it did not listen.

“This isn’t right.” she said.

But it thrust itself into her, sinking deep,

Finding her most hidden places.

“Stop.” she begged.

But they did not.

She was theirs to have and to take.

Pinned down by the weight of them,

She writhed in agony.

And her children watched in horror.

But they did not speak.

It forced into her, defiling, tearing.

Those who seek power care not for pain.

Or perhaps they revel in it.

And then one was many.

A million hands and eyes and vulgar mouths fell upon her.

They sought to possess her, violate her, own her.

As she writhed, hands pinned and vulnerable,

They continued to take her, devour her.

As their weight pressed down upon her,

Their fetid breath warm upon her face,

They rasped “This is His will. This is salvation. This is our love.”

And her children wept,

Helpless they felt, to their mother’s plight.

She thought to look away, to silently let the violation pass,

But no.

They would want that.

As they salivated in their glory,

Pushing prying, taking, destroying,

Ravaging her soft beauty and kind heart,

Leaking poison over her tenderness and warmth,

She decided.

She would scream.

They could take her for now, but not forever.

She would scream.

A deafening sound,

A sound so loud, so vicious, so unending,

That they could do naught but flee.

So she screamed.

And her children screamed with her.

“No more! Leave! Let your foulness never return!”

Their tears fell as a waterfall.

And they wailed, a sound like no other, united in love.

And together their voices reached crescendo, 

Driving out the evil before them,

Ringing far and wide,

So loud no one would ever forget.

And those screams are what saved America.


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