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Do You Really Want to be Normal?

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I can’t count the number of times someone has told me I was “weird”, “strange”, “a freak” and the like. Nor can I count the number of times that I’ve said “Thank you” in response. As much difficulty as it may give me at times, I’m glad to not be “normal”.

What is normal anyway? It’s defined as: “Conforming to the standard or the common type; usual”. With the state of the world and the people in it right now, normal is the last thing I want to be. It’s considered “normal” to be ignorant, materialistic, spiritually immature or extremist. It’s normal to value money over all else. It’s normal to care more about appearance than personality. It’s normal to work a job you hate and be in debt.

Why would anyone want to be normal? Good little cookie-cutter copies. Yeah, sorry, that’s not for me. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to think for myself, do my own thing, look the way I want, eat what I want, believe what I want. I don’t want to fit in to a society that’s horribly broken. Sure, I’m not exactly on the path of least resistance, but at least I’m happy more than not. Normal people seem to be depressed most of the time.

There have been surveys done asking people if they’d rather be normal or weird, and a lot of people say normal. Part of the reason for it is that “weird” has been given a negative connotation. People see it as a bad thing to not conform. “Normal” means you fit in. People want to fit in. It’s odd though, if you get enough weird people together, that becomes their normal, and the so-called normal people become weird.

Really, we’re all freaks and weirdos in someone’s eyes. It’s like insanity, it’s all subjective. If I think you’re weird and you think I’m weird and someone thinks we’re both weird, who’s right? I just think people need to stop trying to be like everyone else. Why do people rebel against having their own individual personality? Why do they want so desperately to be clones of other people?

As for me, I’ll never be like anyone else, and I’m good with that. One way or another someone’s going to think I’m a freak, and that’s fine by me. I’m sure that similar type freaks will find me and we’ll be good. Birds of a feather and all that, you know. [smiles]

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