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What is the Real Meaning of Immortality?

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universe-pixaSome people say that they want to be immortal. They want to live forever. But have you ever stopped to wonder what immortality truly is? Is there more than one way to achieve it?

Immortality is basically eternal life. When most of us hear the word we think of the physical body never dying. Existing forever, beyond the expected limitations of the known physical realm. However, that may not be the only form of immortality.

Immortality of a sort can also be achieved through being well known. Don’t Einstein and Martin Luther King have a certain kind of immortality? They live on in the memories and lives of people to this day. We never let their spirit or their deeds die, so in a way, they have never truly died. A part of every great, influential person in history has achieved immortality. They live on through each of us who remembers them or lives our lives in their footsteps.

Another form of immortality exists in writing. Every author has a chance at immortality. A well-loved book will exist for ages. It will be read and enjoyed by people for generations. It will be reproduced and shared again and again. Every author puts a part of themselves into their writing, and so, a part of them lives on through their work.

So if you’re looking for immortality, there are ways for you to achieve it even if your physical body expires on this earth. You may be able to live on in the hearts and minds of future generations. I hope to achieve some immortality through my writing and art. What are you doing to achieve immortality?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

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