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Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship

reaper grim
Posted by / August 14, 2014 / 0 Comments

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reaper grimI wrote this back in early 2009, but strangely enough, it’s still relevant. I guess some things are harder to change than others. I wonder how long this will remain relevant to current events and society.


Somebody wanna explain to me how a conservative, arrogant, technologically and economically inept country can still be considered a “world power”?

There once was a time when this country was on the cutting edge of technology and it’s people had access to the best of everything that science had to offer. We were a powerful entity in regards to technology, military and economics. We really were the “promised land” that many immigrants flocked to.

Nowadays we still have the military technology but that’s kinda IT. You really think that American companies are leaving for nothing but cheap labor? LOL, damn have they pulled the blinders down tight on you. They get a lot more than just cheaper labor in some countries. They get exclusive trade agreements, tax breaks, land to develop, larger markets (markets that aren’t falling apart), and other perks.

This country is going down the tubes faster and faster every year. Yes, we need the social programs that the Democrats are always screaming about, but we also need to do our damndest to keep companies in the country.

This country is circling the drain and you people are more concerned with whether or not gays should get married? When the fuck did religious or moral decisions ever fall into the jurisdiction of government anyway? The government needs to spend it’s time dealing with trade agreements and unemployment rates, they don’t have time ( or the right IMHO ) to decide whether I should be allowed to get stoned, rent porn or hire a prostitute.



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