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Racism Is One Of The Dumbest Things Ever Invented

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I’ve never really understood why there’s still racism in the world. Humans have existed for thousands of years, and yet in all that time we haven’t learned to get over petty differences and act like a single human race. You’d think in all that time we’d have come to our senses, changed our ways and started treating each other with respect, but for some inexplicable reason, we haven’t.

I was truly saddened and embarrassed many years ago when I realized that my upbringing had left me with some racist thoughts. I’ve worked quite hard to let go of those ways of thinking. Racism is just stupidity as far as I’m concerned. Good people come from all over the world in all different colors, and so do bad ones. There’s no such thing as a race that’s all good or all bad. Even if a race has more of one than the other, that doesn’t make the whole ethnicity fit that description.

When you come right down to it, we’re all made up of blood and guts and bones. We’re all born and we all die. We all need to eat and sleep, we all want to be comfortable, loved and respected. We’re all the same. The color of our skin or where we’re born doesn’t make any one person better than another. There is no physical trait or country of origin that makes a whole group superior.

Who we are is what makes one person more or less than someone else. Holding on to racist or bigoted thoughts only makes you inferior. People will disagree, but they’re wrong as far as I’m concerned and no one will ever convince me otherwise. We are all part of the human race, plain and simple. This world is going to be in constant turmoil until we start teaching our children that all people are the same and that nothing on the outside and no faith makes you immediately superior to anyone else.

I know we’ve made some progress, but there’s still too much racism and bigotry in the world. We’re so focused on finding ways to see differences and hate each other that we’re not moving forward. We could do so much and change so much if we’d all let go of the hate. Good people are good people, and you can’t tell good from bad just by looking at someone. If we’d quit focusing on the differences we’d find that people would become better, because they wouldn’t feel so much hate directed at them, and they’d have less to direct at others.

There’s just no need or use for racism anymore, and there really never was. I don’t understand how there are people who don’t see that. Even when it comes to people that we think are lower for whatever reason, through education and compassion we could lift them up. We could raise the quality of life for every person on the planet. We could stop so many wars and needless deaths.

If you have racial biases, I strongly suggest that you take a good long look at yourself and your beliefs and work to change them. When you hate you lower yourself, and you’re not a good person. Looking down on others for any reason isn’t right and doesn’t do anything positive for anyone. Let go of the hate and accept that we’re all part of the human race and we need to work together for a better future.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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