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Quick Fix Spells: Avoiding Fraud and Failure

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We live in an age where everyone wants instant gratification. You have a problem, and you want it solved now. Who wants to wait? Unfortunately, that impatience can set people up to be victims of fraud and charlatans. There are far too many people out there who are willing to take advantage of a desperate person. When it comes to the world of spirituality, quick fix spells have become prevalent, and masses of people are being duped out of time and money by unscrupulous people.

The Problem

No one likes to have something go wrong in their lives. When it happens, we want to be done with it as quickly as possible. It’s in our nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Because of this, people can get desperate for a fast fix, and others are more than willing to swoop in and take advantage of that. From the snake-oil salesman of old to miracle pill purveyors to modern quick fix spell dealers, there have always been people willing to turn our pain and problems into their own profits. So long as there are people who are unwilling to step back and patiently address their issues, there will be people more than happy to turn that desperation into quick cash.

Spotting the Frauds

While it can be hard to tell a real product from a fake one in many cases, spotting a fraud in the magical world isn’t too hard. All it takes is common sense and a little awareness. Honestly, learning to spot fraudulent spell dealers can make you better at spotting all sorts of frauds. Here are some tips for spotting a less-then-legit spell or magical offer.

  • Does it offer instant or nearly instant results?

    Most frauds promise big results fast. They often claim that in seven days or less your issue can be nothing more than a memory. Real magic, even the best of it, takes time and focus. Even if the spell is supposedly being cast by a “master practitioner” or “skilled witch” it’s going to take time and energy. Beware anything that claims incredibly fast results.

  • Are they claiming huge effects?

    If a spell offer claims to bring your true love this week, end your financial woes overnight or make you model beautiful in a few hours, buyer beware. These grand claims are almost always false. To get big results takes a huge amount of energy and focus. Usually, things have to be shifted gradually over time. So, like fast results, be wary of claims about big results.

  • Are they making big claims about their reputation?

    While there are many practiced, powerful witches and magic users, not many will go to great lengths to puff up their reputation. If you see lengthy claims regarding their affiliations, status, years in practice and so on, you may be dealing with a huckster. If you’re smart, it’s not that hard to tell the difference between someone trying to gain trust by telling you who they are, and someone who’s trying to sway you by sounding really important.

  • Is the cost too high or too low?

    Personally, I’m on the fence about charging for spells at all, but pricing can say a lot about the validity of something, magical or otherwise. A $3 spell to get your lover back or a $300 spell to bring you instant wealth is probably BS. If the person is doing the work for you, sure, they deserve fair payment. However, incredibly low or high pricing is often a sign that you’re being duped. It’s especially common to charge very high prices and use guilt speak in the sales pitch to make you feel that if you want this result, it’s worth spending a high price on.

  • Does the site look spammy?

    You’ve all seen those sites with the cookie-cutter layouts, random bits of bold and hilighted text and the big claims hidden behind a pay wall. Some people are smart enough to make their sites look more legitimate, but many follow a formula that gets good search results, and thereby lures in more victims. Learn to spot those types of sites.

The Facts

  • Quick fix spells, or any quick-fixes for that matter, are usually a bad idea. Face it folks, life takes time and work. No pill, book, product or spell is going to make your problems disappear and give you a shiny, happy life. Sure, there are lots of things that can expedite the process and shorten the distance between you and happiness. You just have to take a moment and think before you buy into anything.
  • Until society changes, there are going to be people who take advantage of others. It’s up to you to engage your brain and protect yourself. Don’t get lost in desperation and despair and get taken for a ride because of it.
  • Quick fix spells may seem to offer relief for now, but the truth is that the underlying problem won’t go away and you’ll face issues again and again until you work on them.

The best thing you can do when facing an issue, even when it feels like the end of the world in magnitude, is to stop and think. Calm down, set your emotions aside for a moment, and try to get to the root of things. Problems are rarely what they seem on the surface. Especially if it’s something ongoing, like an inability to have stable relationships or keep money coming in. Look deeper and see what’s really going on. Meditate on it or talk to someone about it. Try mundane solutions first, and keep trying them. You don’t need to resort to magic to find out-of-the-box answers to your problems. Hell, sometimes the answers to your issues are actually simple, not to mention free. If you really need more, then employ spirituality or magic, just be careful when you’re doing it. Being duped out of time, money and energy is only going to add to your misery.

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Briana Blair

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