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Psi-Feeding, Or Psychic Energy Feeding

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Random Yellow Fractal - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Random Yellow Fractal - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Psychic feeding is a method of drawing life-sustaining energy from another being. This term is most often heard in relation to Real Living Vampires, but the methods are also used in some spiritual practices. Taking or giving psychic or pranic energy can be used for healing or for moving magical energy.

There are several methods of psi-feeding. One method is through direct contact. Things such as hugging, kissing, and sexual contact provide the psi-vamp with a direct link to the energies of the other person. One can then draw the energies through the hands, chakras, etc. Those that use direct contact to feed, will usually do so using their dominant, or writing hand. Eye contact can be used as a method of acquiring energy as well. By maintaining eye contact with the source, one can focus their attempts to get energy.

Another method is close proximity feeding. This is when the psi-vamp is close to, but not touching their intended source, and acquires the energy on an astral level. This takes practice. Some believe that the astral feeding can be viewed by those capable of reading auras, in the form of dark purple or black “tendrils” extending from the vampire toward the source. With practice, the psi-vamp can learn to visualize the drawing of energy and become more adept at it, eventually being able to draw energy from several sources at once. Being able to draw energy from multiple sources at once is typically a quicker and more effective way of acquiring energy than a single source or direct contact feeding.

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