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Magical Intention Blessing Package Add-on


Would you like to have your item or package blessed with a magical intention? Place this add-on in your cart to have a magical blessing added to your order.



You Get

personal blessing


To have your entire package blessed with a single intention, add 1 instance of this blessing to your cart after choosing the intention you would like.


If you would like to have each item in your order blessed individually, add 1 instance per item, and be sure to note which items should receive which blessings.


I am an ordained interfaith minister, Doctor of Metaphysics (MsD) and a spiritual practitioner for over 20 years. I will take the package or items to my altar, cleanse them with a wonderfully charged selenite spiral, then light appropriate candles and ritually charge the item(s) using blessed herb tincture and your chosen intention.


  • Blessing performed by an ordained minister.


Please note that blessing your item(s) does not constitute a guarantee of results. As with any magical working, it is the energy and intention of the owner that will decide the final outcome. While I will do my best to bring the item’s energy into alignment with your desired goal, the final owner must also be in alignment to achieve a positive result.


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