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Political Correctness and Reality TV

swear angry
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swear angryI’m sure you have heard a lot of people talking about being politically correct over the years. I have no doubt that for most people, the idea of being politically correct is in the context of “things that annoy”. I’m one of those people, and frankly, I’m a little confused.

The phrase “politically correct” doesn’t even make any sense. To me, something is either correct or it isn’t. Politically just means that it’s correct in politics. That would mean that they know ahead of time that they made it up just for politics. In politics you need to try your hardest to win a popularity contest so you get the job. So in other words, they use politically correct phrases just to make you like them more.

Reality TV is another thing that is often in the basket labeled “things that annoy me”. Fake celebrities that are created by being the dumbest frelling idiot they possibly can be. While acting like a 3 year old on heavy drugs they are to attempt to win a popularity contest. This is entertainment? I’d rather watch a documentary on how to watch paint dry narrated by Ben Stein. It isn’t even reality as most of us see it either. It’s scripted most of the time. Kinda like “pro” wrestling, but with less value. At least with pro wrestling (or “athletic entertainment” or whatever nonsense marketing buzzword they are using this week), you get to see trained stuntmen in decent fight choreography. Sounds like a good generic action movie to me.

All this gives me an idea. If Politics is just a popularity contest where people sling mud, and reality TV is pretty much the same, how about if we combine the two? Maybe then we could see the contenders DO something instead of just talk. Have multiple contenders try to balance a budget on pay-per-view. Watch them on network TV every week as they do their best to defuse a badly scripted political scandal. On reality TV they tend to show a lot of back story on the contestants and you find out all their dirty secrets. I say let that continue with our political reality TV show. Show me all the dirt in one place. Ambush the presidential hopefuls with dirt from their past. Guerrilla journalism at it’s best. Yes indeed, the next presidential race should be a reality TV program. Eliminate the lies and the false pretense. It’s a popularity contest for a REAALLY high paying job, why not treat it the same way we treat everything else? I’d love to see any of them try to handle a well made war simulation. There are video games where you can do it, the US Army teaches officers with simulations, lets see the next presidential contenders do it on national TV. Wow, I would watch THAT.



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