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Poachers, Trappers and Waste

White Tiger Cat Animal Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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White Tiger Cat Animal Image: Public Domain, PixabayNope, I’m not going to go over the same things that everyone else says about poaching and wearing fur. But then again, you probably knew that already didn’t you? I have a tendency to look at things …. well … differently.

So what does the lunatic prophet have to say about poaching and fur trappers? I think it’s a silly, stupid thing to do with barely any benefit in the long term. It’s my belief that if you are going to go to all that effort to hunt an animal, you should at least think about why you are doing it. If you are only doing it for a single body part, then you are wasting valuable time and effort. Why would someone who wants to make money off of the ivory from an elephant kill off every elephant they can possibly find? They are slowly but surely eliminating their entire ability to make any money at all. Like I said, stupid and incredibly short sighted.

Another thing about poachers and fur that annoys me is the incredible waste. If you’re going to all the effort to slaughter an animal (trust me it’s a LOT of effort to slaughter something), then you should make use of everything. Next time someone kills a chinchilla to make a coat, I welcome them to mail the rest to me. I’ll eat the meat, make things from the bones and feed the organs to the neighborhood animals. That’s the way my ancestors did it. When they killed an animal, they used everything and wasted as little as possible. They also knew better than to hunt something to extinction. If you kill them all, there won’t be anything to eat or wear next year. It doesn’t take a college degree, it’s just sensible.

If you’re only killing an animal for one thing, you are dooming yourself. There are people starving and freezing and you have the audacity to throw an entire animal away for a TOOTH? Chop that elephant up and feed it to people, I bet the meat would feed a lot of people. Use the hide and make some clothes or shelters while you’re at it. If you want to be really smart about it, get fired up about breeding programs and make sure that there will be hundreds of elephants for centuries to come. Just my two or three cents, sure to offend some red paint throwing people.



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