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Please Stop Beating That Poor Dead Horse

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

It annoys the living dogsnot out of me to watch people bickering over the same things again and again and again. They’re not just beating the dead horse, they’re pulverizing it into the ground, digging up the slush, and beating it again.

And why do people keep bringing up the same thing over and over again to nag and gripe and argue about? Usually it’s one reason: “I’m RIGHT damn it!! I’m going to keep this up until you all break down and agree with me!” That’s it. Insecure people with nothing better to do than keep bringing up the same things over and over again until everyone is so bloody annoyed that they can barely think anymore. Oh, but they’ll tell you they’re totally secure, and that’s why they need to keep telling people they’re right… Because they’re right.

Yeah, tell me another one. So what if you are right? Is it really so important to you to make sure everyone else knows they’re wrong? And whether you want to face it or not, most of the time you’re only partly right at best. You have your opinion, and someone else disagrees with it. Get over it! Stop rehashing the same crap over and over again when you know it’s not getting anyone anywhere.

“But I have to do it to make my point and make them do it right!” No you don’t. You need to take care of your own business and leave other people alone. State your case and walk away. It’s not your job to make other people behave a certain way or agree with your perspective. If it’s not directly affecting you, leave it alone. And annoying you with a different point of view doesn’t count. If you’re not experiencing actual harm or loss, let people be.

I refuse to engage in these horse-beating battles. I may interject my opinion, but then I walk away. I said my peace and unless someone attacks me, I’m leaving it there. Even when people do pull the passive aggressive thing, I usually ignore them or talk around them. I don’t feel the need to beat other people over the head with my views. If people want to do what I do, cool. If not, whatever. Law breaking or harming someone are about the only times I’ll make a stink, but that’s justified.

Seriously people, you need to learn to let things go. Stop harping on the same topics again and again to people who don’t care, don’t want to change or just are sick of hearing you. Spend your time on something else. Find people who agree with you. Do anything else. Just let it die, okay?

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