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Pinup Ghoul – The First Of The Series

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Pinup Ghoul Wallpaper
Posted by / July 26, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Pinup Ghoul Wallpaper

I got the idea for this piece after watching “Thirt13n Ghosts” one evening. I was thinking that the ghost of the suicidal model would make a cool pinup. That lead me to the play on words “Pinup Ghoul” from pinup girl. I decided to make a series of images of various types of pinup ghouls. I played around with the materials in poser trying to find a quick and easy method to add cuts and scars to a model without making new texture maps. I stumbled across this method and was very pleased with the results. I made a model look like her skin is sloughing off and rotting in places but I only used my usual female model texture map with a LOT of procedural materials attached in interesting ways.

This particular Pinup Ghoul is a reanimated BDSM model. She died in a rather nasty “work-related” accident involving acid. She was unfortunate to take on a new client who turned out to be a serial killer with a penchant for disfiguring his victims with acids and fire. We discovered her freshly killed body and went to work immediately getting her back to her chosen vocation. Now she’s one of our exclusive models and we keep her busy indeed. Here you see her in one of our unused storerooms attempting to convince us to let her have it. She wants it to keep her former captor in. Lets just say that her hobbies involve knitting needles used in a VERY unconventional manner.

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