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Pets Really Can Make You Healthier

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cat-jynx-grabbingThere’s been research for while a while proving that having a pet can lower blood pressure and have other benefits. Dogs are taken to nursing homes and to sick children to help them feel better. Petting and caring for an animal is good for your health.

They’re good for your mood too. What kind of person can feel lousy when the dog is eagerly urging you to come play with his favorite toy? How can you be sad with your cat nuzzling your face? Can you really be in a bad mood when you wake up to your bird talking up a cuteness storm?

Having a pet can really help get you out of a funk. I have a cat, and she always nuzzles on me and purrs and is totally adorable when I’m sick or unhappy. It always makes me feel better, and petting her is so soothing. I have a cockatiel, and it’s so cute to wake up and go to bed to him talking his silly little chatter and singing. It makes me feel good. I can’t help but crack a smile. I haven’t had a dog since I was really young, but I assume they can be just as mood lifting.

I think everyone should have a pet if they can. Not just a cat or dog either, pretty much any kind of pet you can hold and interact with is good. They really can do a lot for you. It also gives you something outside of yourself to love and care for. That can be really important when you’re down.

What pets do you have? Do they make you feel happier when you’re down?

Image: © Briana Blair

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