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Why Do People Resist Living a Better Life?

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Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

I have been trying to do my part to help myself, others and make the world a better place for quite a while now. Through my own personal experiences and my observations of others and reading, I’ve seen that a large portion of people have a tremendous resistance to living a better, more elevated life. It saddens me to see so many people living firmly under the control of the media and government, refusing to take control of their existence and live a better life.

Too many people have gotten to the point where they believe that whatever is happening in society right now is normal and acceptable, and that asking anyone to live outside of those accepted norms is either controlling or wrong. it’s neither. Nothing could be more right than encouraging people to live their best possible lives as their best possible selves, free of the controlling forces that currently direct the actions of the masses.

To me, nothing could be more loving and freeing than encouraging people to be their best. Encouraging people to release themselves from media and government control, to love themselves, to love other people and the Earth, that seems a beautiful thing to me. I find it hard to grasp the idea that people would resist the opportunity to live freely, in control of their own minds and lives. Sometimes I think people are seeing at all from the wrong perspective, or maybe the media has done it’s job so well that people really have that hard a time tapping into their hearts and seeing the truth.

I believe that a large portion of people’s resistance lies in fear. The media tells us to buy more things, look at more news, live in the hate and the sadness, be like the rest of the sheep. There’s fear of being different, fear of backlash that may never happen, fear of truth, fear of the new, fear of the effort it will take, fear of potential failure. But we should embrace our fear. We should put our arms around it, smile, and whisper in its ear “I will conquer you.” Fear isn’t something to be controlled by, it’s something to learn from and overcome.

Society also tells us that it’s not controlling us, but people who ask us to live a different life than what’s presented on TV and magazines are. It’s a mindf*ck of epic proportions. The truth is that they don’t want us to live fearless, loving, mindful lives. For every one of us that pushes beyond the resistance and learns to live an elevated life, they lose a little bit more control over us. I believe if we listen to our hearts, our gut, that yearning in our souls, we’ll realize we don’t want to be controlled, we want to live freely.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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