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Some People Give Me Faith in Humanity

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Posted by / September 3, 2013 / 0 Comments

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Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

If you haven’t read anything by dorannmwin , you might want to. I was enjoying her writing for quite a while, but I have a whole new reason to click through to her these days. She’s one of those people that gives me hope for humanity.

A lot of people sink deep into a victim mentality when something bad happens to them. Everywhere they go it’s “oh poor me” and “my life sucks” and this intense sense that you need to feel sorry for them and do things to help them, as if somehow their sadness is your responsibility. But not Dorann. She’s a cookie of a different flavor.

The dung really hit the fan in her life recently. I’m not going to give details, that’s her story and she’s telling it. The point is, it got bad, ugly and dangerous. It’s what she’s done since that really amazes me and causes me to leave supportive comments to her fairly often. She decided right away to not be a victim. She took the reins as best she could and she’s trying to steer her life, and the lives of her children, in the best direction she can.

When she posts about what’s going on, it’s not whiny, depressing self-pity. It’s that take-control, doing-my-best, gonna-make-it attitude. She admits that it’s rough, she’s cried and worried, but she’s pulling herself up every single day. To me, that’s pretty damn awesome. In a world full of victims, she’s already a survivor and soon to be a conqueror.

It brings even more joy to my heart to know that I have been a bit of an influence on her. I have no idea how much, but at least a tad of my support and teachings have helped her be who she is today. That’s a huge success in my book. She’s even stepping through my Wisdom Bites and writing about what she’s learning and how she’s making her life better. How cool is that?

I hope that over time I can meet more people like Dorann. I may never meet them in person, but even through the internet they can enrich my life, make me smile, and give me reasons to keep doing what I do.

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