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Pause for Peace in Schools Across America

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

A comment made by TheresaWiza on one of my posts inspired this, so thank you. The post was about whether or not religion should be allowed in public schools. She mentioned the idea of kids pausing for peace, and I really like that idea.

Imagine this: Instead of starting the school day with prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance or just milling about, start it with a moment of peace. The homeroom teacher (or 1st period teacher) could get the students calm and quiet and ask them to close their eyes. Then in a calm voice read (or have broadcast over the PA system) something that would get them all to think of peace and unity. Maybe something like this:

“We take this moment to calm our minds and embrace peace. We take this moment to feel love for all humanity, to embrace that which makes us one global people, and to embrace unity. In this moment we release fear, anger, and all that divides us. We embrace compassion, understanding and all that unites us.”

Then let them have a few minutes of calm silence. Wouldn’t that be a nice way for kids to start the day? Something like this could be done for pretty much any grade once they’re old enough to understand the concepts. It might be especially good for high school though, since that’s where a lot of the worst things happen.

If you’re a parent, feel free to bring this idea up with your kids’ school. Maybe gather parents together ahead of time so you have a better chance of having it approved. Feel free to use my little script too. I think something like this might really do good for the students. If you try it and get it implemented at a school near you, let me know. I’d love to hear about it! Or maybe if enough people liked the idea someone could start a petition to have it introduced into public schools nationwide.


I started the petition! United States Public Schools Institute Daily Pause for Peace Please sign and share.

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