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One of the Greatest Game Franchises Ever

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Posted by / March 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

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Rumors abound about the next entry in the Fallout series. From what I can tell, the only solid information is that Yes, there will be a Fallout 4 and most likely it will take place in Boston.
Here are the facts:

Tweets by Three Dog ( from Fallout 3 ) had to be deleted and damage control done. he had to retract his statements.

Bethesda is or was hiring for “Next-Gen” developers.

Rumors keep popping up everywhere.

My two cents:
Bethesda has been making video games that redefine the entire RPG genre for many many years. If you think they won’t keep up with the Fallout franchise, then you are on heavy sedation. Fallout 3 was a game of the year, and even Fallout New Vegas was awesome even if they did farm it’s development out to Obsidian .

Fallout is an awesome franchise with a rabid Fanbase , just like the Elder-Scrolls series and they’ve been making Elder Scrolls games since the 90’s.

I’m not too sure how a Boston setting will go over, but I know it’ll probably be an awesome game and I for one cannot wait!

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