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Not All Video Games Have to be Serious

Video Games Controller Dice
Posted by / August 6, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Video Games Controller DiceI had to stop myself from calling this post “Why So Serious?”. I’ll be honest, it took an act of Twinkie. Would have been more fitting though.

I love video games of all kinds. I’m not a big fan of most first person shooters, but at least I understand their draw. I guess I’m kind of an anomaly though, since I still think that games should be FUN. I like it when a game makes me laugh and smile. I still like games that can tell a good story with a more serious tone, but frankly I like cartoons just as much. Not every video game has to be a serious work of art, with as much realism packed in as possible.

So what makes me bring this kind of thing up? Comments about Saints Row IV that I saw posted on the trailer. I know, I know, I shouldn’t even read the junk that gets said by the unwashed masses, sue me. A lot of the comments made me wonder about average IQ, but even more of them just boggled my mind. Saying that a game is no good because it’s not realistic is just plain stupid. Saying that Saints Row is over the top and that makes it a bad franchise is an even dumber thing to say. Being over the top is the POINT of the game.

More and more, video games are being treated as a serious art form and storytelling medium. Does this mean that only “serious” games should be made? That’s kinda like saying that animated movies should only be made for children. Or that comic books (excuse me, “graphic novels” *snicker*) and cartoons are only for children. Video games are for us big kids too. We like some serious and adult stuff in them, but that doesn’t mean we need to be elitist shitheads who forget that games can be FUN too.

Personally I think that more companies could learn a thing or two from Volition. They know that their fans (like me) want some silliness in our adult themed games. I need a break from the murder and war simulations, I want my violence served up ala Wile E. Coyote every once in a while.

Ya’ll keep having fun and laughing, and I’ll heat up the cocoa for ya 🙂



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