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Negativity in the News – Evil Sells and We’re Buying

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Newspaper - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / July 31, 2014 / 5 Comments

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Newspaper - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Negativity in the media affects the way we feel

Turn on the news and what do you see? Murder, disaster and a steady stream of negativity. Isn’t it about time we change what the media is feeding into our homes?

I long ago stopped watching the news. I made the decision, because I got sick and tired of the constant stream of negativity. I don’t read the newspaper either, for the same reason. Violence and bad news sell, and we’re all buying. It’s a sad fact, and something that we should all give a little more thought to.

What good does it really do to see all of the negativity that’s broadcast in the news and papers? Can you personally do anything about the murdered people? Can you do anything about the people whose homes have been destroyed by disaster? Does any of this make us feel better or cause us to take action? No. All the news does is make people feel bad, and worry about the state of the world.

Now, imagine a world where the news broadcast only positive things. Imagine turning on the news and seeing how some local nobody has done some great good for the community, or how a cure has been found for some disease. Stories would revolve around success, triumph, advancement and positive change. Wouldn’t that make you feel good? Wouldn’t you go through your day or night with a better attitude and a better outlook? I think you would, even if you didn’t realize it at first. Unfortunately, people seem to want to have their minds full of all the worst the world has to offer. I really don’t understand why.

A couple of months ago I issued a challenge to my FaceBook friends who post daily news links. Nearly all of the people I know who post news, post about disaster, stupidity in politics, war and other negative topics. I asked them to post only good news for the remainder of the month. Do you know that not one of them was able to do it? Even though they said it was a good idea, they kept on posting negative stories. It’s not like there isn’t any good news to report on. Apparently, they just wanted to perpetuate the bad thoughts and bad feelings that those negative stories cause.

If you post news on your FaceBook, blog, or anywhere else, try posting good news instead of bad news. Share things that make people feel good instead of bad. There are plenty of stories that are uplifting and positive if you look for them. It can be your little part in making the world a better place.



    I actually tried posting only positive news to my Twitter for a while but it became incredibly hard to do because there’s so little of it on the internet that easily found you actually have to really dig for it really sad and I agree I think that we all need some positive news in our lives and make our day to day seem more worth it.

      Briana Blair

      That really says something about the world when good news is hard to find. That’s why I subscribe to a few positive sites, they’ve already done the work of digging up the good stuff.


        Maybe we should start a good news network even if a lot of them are just feel good stories. Like when a lost child is found alive or just done random act of kindness. You know the sort of stories that usually have sad endings and make sure that they’re good endings.

          Briana Blair

          There are actually a few of them out there already, you just need to know where they are.

          Those are some of the top ones I’m subscribed to.


            Sweet I now know where to look!

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