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Neem: The Birth Control Pill for Men

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

This article will explain how to use the Neem plant as a natural form of birth control for those who prefer not to use unnatural chemicals in their bodies, or do not want to use condoms or surgery.

Talk with your partner about the use of neem. It is to be taken by the man, not the woman. Make sure you are willing to take the pills, and use other prevention methods during the initial saturation period.

Buy some Neem. I recommend going to You can buy a 6-month supply (4 bottles) for about $27 including shipping. You will want the 450 or 475 mg capsules. I suggest Nature’s Way Brand.

Take 2 pills a day every day. This pill is for men only! It will have no effect on a woman when taken orally. You will want to take 900-1000 mg per day. You can take one in the AM and one in the PM, or take both at once. (Men with a high sperm count may need to take 3 pills per day.)

Neem takes 6 weeks to become fully effective. During this time you should continue to use condoms or other birth control to prevent pregnancy. Do not miss any doses!

Continue to take the Neem for as long as you want to prevent pregnancy. After 6 weeks you can discontinue use of other birth control methods.

If you want to become pregnant, simply stop taking the pill. After 6 weeks, full fertility will be renewed.

Tips & Warnings

* Neem is cheaper than other forms of birth control and is all natural.

* Do your research before using this product. It is the #1 form of birth control in India and has no known adverse side-effects, but look into it before you start.

* Neem also boosts your immune system and prevents acne.

* Do not miss any doses. Neem must be kept in the body to work.

* Be sure to use other methods of birth control during the first 6 weeks.

* Do not take neem if you are using other hormone or chemical products without consulting your physician or homeopath.

* Many doctors will not consider neem a valid option for birth control since it’s not a prescription. Keep this in mind.

* Using neem will not prevent the spread of STDs.

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